The Website Design Process

Simple steps to satisfaction!

New Website Builds

Creating fully functioning online spaces to sell, share, grow and interact.

Don’t be absent from the online world any longer! Whether you want an elegant landing page for your website, or a fully functional e-commerce site, we are the team for you.

We combine our design and marketing nous to craft you a beautiful website, built on the best technology platform available. We can even provide all ongoing website maintenance. Ask us to help you showcase your business, reach new customers and unlock your business potential.

Website Renovations

Is your website old and clunky and failing to deliver the traffic and customers you need? Let us create a website with a modern look and feel that will deliver a great user experience and drive business results.

We have been building websites and renovating websites for nearly 20 years. We help businesses that need a website that not only looks great but is also a tool to help them perform business tasks quickly and efficiently.

This includes generating business leads as well as performing other useful services like

  • Bill payments
  • Document management
  • Increased productivity (let your website do the automated heavy lifting)
  • Newsletter integrations
  • Subscription options
  • eCommerce and content management.

Your options are only limited by your imagination! Because Ben & Sam are a Digital Agency, as well as owning multiple businesses like IT Companies, we work with you on all your systems to bring everything together.

Contact us to set up a free strategy session (valued at $165) on the best way to help you achieve your business goals. We love rolling up our sleeves and getting busy on your business.

Website Package Price Guides


$1998 – $3200

For the business that is looking for a simple but effective solution that is scalable for future growth. Clean, clear and to the point.


$3200 – $4900

Our most popular package that best suits small businesses starting up or deciding to show up online.
More features and the ability to get found.



The package for anyone who needs a cart. Customisable to integrate with your existing business systems for a secure checkout for a whole new world of customers.


$Quote Per Project

For the business that requires a strong and systemised online presence tailored to grow as fast as they do. The sky’s the limit.

Your first consultation with Ben & Sam is free (valued at $165) and will determine a development strategy,
plan and package for your project or idea.

Ben & Sam have a simple but effective processes to keep your project on track and completed as soon as possible. These are the basic steps:

Step 1:

Design Analysis

  • This is where we talk with you, the client, and get a complete understanding about your wishes for the project.
  • By this stage we would have asked you to fill out relevant questionnaire(s) so we can get the best understanding of your expectations.
  • This is also where you may choose to commit to the project, requiring a 20% deposit to get the work started.
  • Here we also require all images or information you want included in the design, and we get to work.

Step 2:

Draft Development

  • Based upon all information gathered and research we have made on your market and competitors, we start to work on your design, create a basic draft or concept.
  • The first concepts are developed and presented to you 2 to 4 working days after payment is received.

Step 3:


We will give you a look at what we have so far and have a discussion about things you would like to improve or change. You can provide us with your feedback on the first concepts by email, by phone or in a meeting. If the changes required are minimum, we will send you a second presentation with the new concept. Alternatively (recommended) we can have an online meeting where you will be able to see our screen from your computer and make the changes in real time.

Step 4:

Revision Process

We implement all changes and start entering the content to make the site complete! This includes the content you see, as well as background coding that we implement to insure that Google and other search engines recognise you, making it easy for your name to pop up in the search results when your target market are searching for something related to your business or services.

Step 5:

Your Design is ready!

We’ll show you the final product, complete with all content you have provided and the design layout you have approved. At this point, the website is ready to go live once full payment is received and upon your request!

You will receive the final design for approval.

Once your approval is received, you will be sent a Google Drive link including all resources created. The final payment is due once all the documentation has been delivered to you.

The average time for the project to be finalised from start to finish is 4 weeks depending on the number of revisions we receive from you.

Send the message. Ask the question. Start the conversation. Do the thing.


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