Turn browsers into buyers with powerful website copy keeping in mind the importance of celebrating your own uniqueness.

Develop a genuine curiosity in people

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, listen to the questions they are asking and figure what is it they really need from you. Curiosity helps us see the world through a new lens, helps you understand your clients and helps you to find the keywords they are using in search queries. Think from their point of view wherever decisions need to be made and your website will be successful.



Once you own ‘what you really want to be known for,’ you will accomplish more than you thought possible. What really makes you and your business different? Does your website express that?


Define your ideal client

Narrow the audience to widen the influence. Work on defining your ideal client profile before tackling SEO tactics.

Not getting traffic is a symptom but the primary cause is lack of clarity and content. When you don’t know who you are talking to, it is hard to know what to talk about!

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first feedback mechanism to tell if you understand your ideal client. Done correctly it will give you all the insight you need and can better define the language to use to reach your ideal client.

Put your personality into it

Your business fingerprint is made up of your life experiences, professional expertise, and brilliant personality; all of which can literally reach into the hearts and minds of your potential customers and inspire them to do business with you.

Unique ‘About’ page

Your About page is where you can really let your uniqueness shine. Talk about why you love what you do so much and include a photograph of yourself or your team actually doing it. Other lovers of your craft will connect with this far more than with copy that simply says ‘At Carmen’s  Coffee we pride ourselves on excellent customer service’.

Testimonials about YOU

Encourage testimonial-givers to write about you, rather than just your business. Something more personal wins every time: Carmen has a natural gift for coffee-making – you can just taste the love she puts into it! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to make it just the way I like it, and I’ve recommended her to all my family and friends’.

Write in the first person

If you feel it’s appropriate, consider writing in the first person rather than the third person throughout your website copy. Rather than writing ‘Carmen delivers up on time,’ infuse a bit of personality into your web copy and write, ‘I am as keen for coffee as you are, that’s why I turn up on time and with a smile!’

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