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Darren from Tactical Paintball Games loves paintball. He’s created one of the best paintball fields in the country and needed a fresh and up to date website that truly reflected the recent improvements and investment he has put into his business. We created his original site, way back in 2011, and now teamed up again to bring in the bookings to fill his field with enthusiastic players!


Having 10 different paintball fields at the one location, with a variety of different games that can be played on each field, combined with the vastly different groups of players who visit – we needed to make sure we set up the site to cater to all those who plan on visiting. 

Individual pages were created for each field, with action-packed photos and videos to show off the gameplay and paintball environment. We also created individual pages for each package they provide in their target markets to best be found on Google by the users searching for each specialty.

Throughout the whole site, Calls To Action features are strategically placed to move the visitor directly to making a phone call or locking in a booking. On mobile devices, a “Click to Call” button hovers, prompting an easy way to place a call for more information. Newsletter signup is integrated with MailChimp to automatically collect email addresses for easy future re-marketing efforts – all invaluable for busy business owners.

To save on the same questions being asked over and over again on the phone, vital, clear and correct information is placed throughout the website, as well as in the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) area. Now, once the visitor makes the call, they are usually much more prepared to book or have specific questions instead of potentially time-wasting ones. All this saves time and money and allows Darren to get back to what he loves best – umpiring epic paintball games!



With big plans on scaling the whole system to include an online store, web-based booking system and integrated marketing system, we created a solid and secure platform that is fully customisable to cater to fast future business growth. This is an often overlooked aspect of many competitor sites and can cost those businesses more in the long term by not been efficiently geared to seize opportunity and expansion at the flick of a button.



From the beginning, we worked hard to make sure TPG’s website would rank well in Google. A copywriter was brought in to create a unique and energetic personality and tone of voice. Well written text and descriptions now help visitors find what they are looking for, and Google rewards Darren with high organic rankings in local search.

We optimised the Google My Business listing and packed it out with handy information and photos to really get the best out of the local search market. Google Maps is integrated into the website and visitors now know how to easily find the fields. The result has been a terrific increase in bookings and higher player turnout. 


If you are looking for a website that does the heavy lifting for you, speaks your ideal clients language and converts – contact us to see if we’re a good match.

Before and After of Tactical Paintball Games Website


Tactical Paintball Games




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