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This project involved the creation of a customised and clean blogger site that gets found in a crowded market. Attractively, this site allows for easy navigation, quick search of categories and archived content, high-resolution photographs, a portfolio style view and links to the client’s social media channels, shoppable content, and easy client editing features. We created stylised and consistent branding across various platforms, utilised content marketing, SEO optimised layouts, and implemented link backs to the site to ensure it can be found in many ways.


AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF MULTI PLATFORM BRANDING is a beautiful example of the importance of consistent branding across multiple platforms on the internet, so much so that it is recogniseable as the home base for all it’s social arms – that, of course, all link back and feed each other.

We offer branding services and see it as an essential part of your overall effectiveness of your website and message, especially as an individual in a business based on personality and sharing content that reflects that.

Branding is not just logo creation, but can be seen as a smooth and consistent read of colours, font styles and sizes, imagery and overall personality of the spoken or written words. These are all something you know best in your business, but that once clearly communicated to us, we can help capture and creatively convey to your audience no matter what platform they discover you on, as beautifully demonstrated in the logo and layout of this project.



Only a blogger knows the real work a blogger must do to continuously create readable, shareable, authentic content that someone, somewhere will read or watch and get value from. We understand the need for simplicity in editing and security and that you will be inside that site every day, multiple times a day.

We understand your desire to inject your personality and add custom elements that differentiate you from the millions of other fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, DIY, mummy, travel or lifestyle bloggers across the world wide web. And if you have an idea that’s never been done before, we love helping you get seen, get heard, grow and stand out the way you deserve to.



As one half of Ben & Sam, developing this site and the Samantha Clark brand means we have walked the path we can coach you down to enjoy your own personalised piece of the world wide web – one where your content is safe from the volitile nature of social media platforms that come and go. If you are a blogger, YouTuber, influencer – or just starting out – you need consistent branding across multiple platforms and an easy to edit and share system that you can be proud of, and that gets found! – Contact us to determine how we can work together to make that happen.


Samantha Clark




  • Website Design
  • Unique Customisation
  • Multi Channel Branding
  • WordPress Blog Site
  • Blog Templates for Easy Editing
  • Targeted SEO
  • E-Marketing
  • Google Business Listing
  • Website Maintenance
  • YouTube Setup & SEO
  • Instagram Success Coaching
  • Content Coaching

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