Lachlan Macquarie Lodge

The committee at Lachlan Macquarie lodge wanted a website that encourages prospective members to understand more about the organisation and get a glimpse of what life is like within the Masonic Lodge.

Lachlan Macquarie is a young and vigorous Lodge, growing rapidly and shaping into one which balances the firmly founded traditions of Freemasonry.

Their site is simple and informative, featuring a blog of local updates and many friendly and familiar faces, welcoming their new members into their community and showcases the causes they are committed to helping.


Lachlan Macquarie Masonic Lodge




  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development

Ben & Sam have just built a new website for our organisation (Lachlan Macquarie Masonic Lodge). We are extremely happy
with the quality of our new website, the attention to detail, and the ‚feel‘ of the message within the site.

As a not-for profit organisation our focus is on helping the community, we felt that it was important that our message should be strong and clear.

In building our new website, Ben & Sam has achieved everything that we envisioned, and more!

They did such a good job, they have even revamped my business website and I have referred many others. Well done to the Ben & Sam team.

Alan Williams

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