Herons Creek

The community of Herons Creek, NSW, Australia wanted a website that not only looks good but would act as a media hub to bring all the surrounding villages together. The passionate and hardworking people of Herons Creek are truly proud of their little village and this site details it’s rich, often unknown, history and follows the signs of the Herons Creek Heritage Trail that can be seen through the villages.

The challenge was to create a website that could be easily maintained by future committee members to add new and interesting content and that is achieved with a blog and linked Facebook page where relevant local news is shared.


Herons Creek Community




  • Website Design
  • Joomla Site
  • Blog creation & training
  • Facebook page creation & training

Ben & Sam has been our website provider & designer from inception back in 2012 and we can’t speak highly enough of them”.  I gladly testify to Ben & Sam’s website design and as a provider, their diligence, knowledge, skilfulness and accessibility is ten to none.

They pride themselves with being a friendly and always helpful team – that get the job done “FAST”. They have a vast experience and extensive knowledge in the IT world that’s first class.

I have observed this business become a quality and ethical company being client and community focused.  A highly accredited and award winning business. They employ competent, responsible, energetic, honest, reliable, and knowledgeable staff who are held in high regard by their customers.

As a local community re-establishing itself, we will be forever grateful not only of this company’s generosity and dedication, but for their design, skilfulness and commitment.

They have wholeheartedly supported our community group with a ‘dynamic’ self-managing website for our district of Herons Creek that has been particularly beneficial to locals to access news and happenings yet alone, tourism and heritage aspects.

Anything can go wrong when one self-manages dynamic websites and when they do; the speed of restoring our website is second to none.

Ben & Sam has only been a telephone call away.

The real truth of this exceptional company is that they are locals who have provided their services at a heavily discounted price and at times donated their talented and skillful support, dropping everything to attend to any issues. Talk about a company being so generous in causes they care about.

But their skilfulness and talent have not just stopped there. They helped design the original billboard for a heritage village church. The sign needed to reflect the significant historical stories of the pioneering settlers, and of the history of recent decades.  The design would also be subjected to a number of bureaucratic expectations and standards. The design was going to be a nightmare to lay out and had a deadline of 48 hours to complete.  Well, they did not disappoint me! It was so creative.

Martin Parish

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