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The Lake Cathie Progress Association needed a new website. Their old website was created over 10 years ago and the new mobile friendly and up-to-date site needed to reflect the growing community’s marketing efforts and business co-ordination that is helping to attract and connect so many people to and within the area.

We worked with the Progress Association’s Committee to apply for a government grant to build the new website. Funding was secured and we were able to get straight to work. The website leverages the areas distinct local beauty and Mediterranean climate and is now a true reflection of the town, people and plans of Lake Cathie – past, present and, most importantly, future!

The LCPA are thrilled with the end result and are delighted with the positive feedback of their investment.



Video lessons were created and recorded by Ben to demonstrate the ease of editing and changing information within the website so that current and future committee members will have the resources and know-how to make changes themselves. Something that is often an essential need with any community organisation or group site. These videos were gratefully welcomed for the flexibility of what the Association is all about – progress!



If you are looking to bring your website up to date with where your business, school or community group is heading contact us to get the ball rolling and make progress!!

Before and After of the Lake Cathie Progress Association


Lake Cathie Progress Association Inc.




  • Website Survey & Business Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Website Rebuild
  • SEO Migration
  • Advanced SEO
  • Sitemap Creation + Google/Bing Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • On page technical SEO
  • Local SEO Schema
  • Advanced UX/UI
  • Utilising call to Action Buttons
  • Multiple Contact Forms
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Monthly FAST Webserver Hosting
  • Ongoing WordPress Maintenance
  • Website Firewall and security installed
  • Security monitoring
  • Plugin & Software Updates
  • Automated Daily Backups

Recently Ben Waters of Ben & Sam upgraded the Lake Cathie Progress Association (LCPA) website

Ben’s professional and outstanding service surpasses any service that we have encountered over the years. Needless to say we are extremely happy with the website which has increased our “traffic” by 100% in a short period of time and no doubt visitors to the site will continue to grow for the benefit of the Lake Cathie community and businesses including the many “Links” within the website.

Ben & Sam were also Guest Speakers at the LCPA Inaugural Business Networking Dinner held in October 2018 imparting their knowledge on best business practices. The business people who attended the successful event provided very positive feedback on the very informative and educational presentation.

If you are looking to build your business or community organisations we can highly recommend Ben & Sam.


Helen Hoban

Secretary, Lake Cathie Progress Association

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