Tip: Don't send your visitors to your homepage!

Why not? and What Are Landing Pages?

Business owners often make the mistake of sending all their traffic to the company’s homepage. You don’t want to do that! You want to create specific landing pages that are highly focused on the problem you are solving for your customer.

Landing pages are basically stand-alone web pages designed to spur your visitors to take a specific action – like drop their name and email for a free eBook or their contact details for you to call them.

Visitors typically arrive on your landing pages after clicking on an attraction marketing type of advertisement from another source — a Facebook or email campaign, for example.

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We do things differently

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Don’t let your visitors wander aimlessly

You’ve worked hard to get your visitors to your site – now you need them to do something. A well-designed landing page introduces what you have to offer, spark their interest and convince them to convert to a sale.

Ben & Sam help you craft a new landing page for each campaign, offer,
or promotion in your business to increase your chances of a conversion.


Create content that is focused on your visitors. Forget everything else.

Once you begin to understand that your visitors don’t care about your company but do care about how they can benefit from your offer – the floodgates will open!

  • Direct Integration with Mailchimp etc.
  • Great Styling Options
  • Optimised for Conversions
  • Fast Loading
  • And Much More!
Features of the Website

Highly Specific

Highly specific landing pages outperform generic pages and increase form submissions.

Less = More

Get to the point fast and concentrate on one product or service per page.

High quality

You’ve got less than 5 seconds to grab them or they’re gone. Quality is a must.

Did you know?

The headline is the most important part of a landing page. It must be attention grabbing and results orientated.

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Frequently Asked questions

  • Can we include video on our landing pages?

    Yes! In fact, we highly recommend it. Complimenting your message with a short, well-crafted video will drive conversions even further.

    You see, its all about developing trust, and with nonverbal communication one of the key indicators – you would be missing out if you didn’t add one!

  • Can we include client testimonials?

    Yes! Social proof such as customer testimonials, awards, partner logos and security badges are all social validators and they go a long way to build trust with your visitors.

    Put yourself in your customers shoes – If people trust a business, they are much more likely to buy from them. It’s exactly the same online.

  • Can you help us articulate our message?

    Yes! We have access to some of the worlds best copywriters who do this type of thing every day.

    Headlines need to stand out and gain attention – and copywriting is a delicate art. You have less than 10 seconds to convince a stranger on the purpose of your page.

    Your copy needs to be persuasive to convince your visitors they stand to benefit from what you’re offering.

  • How long do landing pages last?

    Indefinitely. They can be as short or as long as your campaign lasts.

    Some of our clients have been converting off the same landing page for over 6 years. Tweaks can be made at any time to freshen your offer or message.

  • Do you make WordPress landing pages?

    Yes! WordPress is the website software of choice. It’s easy to use and has excellent integration features to a whole industry of 3rd part apps and tools.

    We highly recommend against any of the online page builder platforms where you are not on your own server. Not only is it difficult to integrate with 3rd part apps, but they are notoriously bad for your SEO efforts.

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