Copywriting Packages

Structured, logical, well-written and easy to read content creation!

Working on a story, report or brochure and just can’t get the wording right?

Sometimes an uninvolved party is needed – a professional wordsmith – to read it from the point of view of the person for who the words are intended, and make changes to make it stronger, more effective.

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At Ben & Sam we’ll work with you to better get your message across, improve structure and grammar, remove duplication, tighten this, expand that, and write a unique piece of content.

We pride ourselves on our accuracy, attention to detail and thorough understanding of balancing Google SEO optimised content whilst appealing to your business needs and those of your readers.

Our head copywriter Anthony is an experienced writer with 26 years in journalism, advertising, and marketing. “Ant” has a degree in Journalism and English. He’s covered a wide variety of topics during his career in media and publishing.

Ant has solid experience writing engaging, SEO-optimised content for a variety of our clients in Australia, New Zealand the U.S. Ant is a true wordsmith and can easily adapt to fit your brand and tone of voice. We provide you with top-notch material that will fit your needs. We pride our work on being professional, of the highest quality and always delivered on time.

It’s peace of mind that your content is correct, vital and engaging!

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Copywriting Services

Articles or Newsletters


(Inclusive of GST)

  • Succinct content with attention paid to clear calls to action and the correct tone
  • One round of revisions

Existing Content Re-Write


(Inclusive of GST)

  • Review and re-write of existing content with respect to the correct target audience and business goals
  • General proofreading and editing
  • One round of revisions

Web Design Content


(Inclusive of GST)

  • Engage the experience of a professional SEO copywriter
  • Fresh content written with target audience, business goals and SEO in mind
  • One round of revisions

Regular Website Content Updates


(Inclusive of GST)

  • Inserting new text, new product descriptions, etc for fresh SEO
  • One round of revisions

Copy Writing Frequently Asked Questions

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is often referred to as “a salesman in print.” Copy writing is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. 

Copywriters are responsible for the text that you use in your business to attract potential customers into purchasers.

What is the difference between copy writing and content writing?

Copy writing means writing content that will be used for advertising or marketing. Content writing is used to educate, add value and entice online audiences so they stay longer on websites and continue to engage with your brand.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copy writing is a highly specialised form of writing that is used to attract visitors to your website from search engines.

Online writing is different to other forms of copy writing in the form that a SEO copywriter will use your businesses keywords and targeted search queries to rank higher against your competition in online search engines such as Google. 

SEO copy writing is extremely hard to do for the non professional, and requires an in-depth knowledge of how search engines work and how information is logically organised in a computer system. 

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