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How it works

  1. We supply a quote. Most business re-branding and logo creation packages are $864 complete and takes around 3 weeks from start to finish. There is a lot we provide that others don’t and you’ll learn all about it below. BTW – Some projects require more work outside the norm and prices will vary. If quote is accepted, we move on:
  2. Our designers talk, email, whatever suits.
    We supply a short logo questionnaire to you about what you like, what you don’t like etc etc and anything else you have in mind to get the ball rolling…
  3. We get working
    …and deliver the first concepts usually withing 7-10 business days. At this stage you usually have 4 different concepts to look at. 

4 Rounds of Revisions

  1. Round 1 – First concepts usually delivered within 7-10 business days. You usually have 4 different concepts to look at based on our discussions. 
  2. Round 2 – Mash up of what you liked/didn’t like from round 1 (4 more concepts)
  3. Round 3 – Mash up of what you liked/didn’t like from round 2 (4 more concepts – usually closer refinements and suggested direction)
  4. Round 4 – Mash up of what you liked/didn’t like from round 3 (4 more concepts – usually closer refinements)

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We then have your final logo ready for sign-off and  approval!

What's included?

This is where we are different. You are presented not only with your final logo, but a whole “logo Pack” of almost every type of logo size and style you could ever possibly need in your business. 

We Present You a Style Guide

We also present every logo client with a “Style Guide” documenting EXACTLY the way the logo needs to be used and presented.

Working from a style guide is perfect for when it comes time for your sign writer or graphic design team to work incorporate your new logo into your business.

This ensures that your look and branding stays consistent across all your media. Everyone works from the same document and everything looks professional – online and off.

Click image to download an example Branding
Guidelines Style Sheet we supply with every
Logo Pack.

Logo Pack

  • Your new logo is delivered digitally as a “LOGO PACK” You hang onto this for safe keeping.
  • Final logo files in this logo pack are prepared in varying sizes, file formats and colour variations (including black and white).
  • This logo pack covers all the possible uses for your logo for use on the Internet, Press, Television, Social Media, Applications, Email Signatures, Shop Signage, Brochures, Invoices etc etc.The pack usually contains around 40+ versions of your logo in varying styles and formats. Usually more than enough for all your requirements!
  • This is where we are also different. Your logo pack will contain your logo in various different styles. Meaning, you will get a “Stacked” logo, you will also get a “Side by Side” logo plus other styles commonly required.

    Why this is important is because a logo has to sometimes fit into different spaces and having a long logo will not fit into a narrow space.

    This is where a stacked logo comes into play. All this is thought about in advance so you are left with a logo that truly works.

  • A Style Guide is supplied which is like a logo sheet with specifications on fonts used, colour and suggested use.
Take the Logo Survey

Branding & Logo Creation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Branding?

Branding is your public image and is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competition. 

Why are brand names important?

In a busy world, you need to communicate who you are and what you do in a short and succinct way. A brand name is critical for all your marketing efforts to get your message across.

This is why choosing the right brand name is essential to your long term business success.

Why is being distinctive important?

Distinctiveness allows a business to separate itself and stand out from the competition. It also allows a business to deposition it’s competitors in a busy and crowded market.

Without being distinctive, you are just another business doing the same thing as the rest, and this makes it incredibly hard to build a unique brand and stand out.

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