17 Tips For Growing Your LinkedIn Profile

17 Tips For Growing Your LinkedIn Profile

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Benefits of a Linkedin Business Page

Demographic  of Linkedin Users

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals that showcases your expertise, builds the presence of your brand and helps you find like-minded individuals to connect with. You can create a profile that details your professional story, details your best attributes and skills, and helps you build up trust with your peers.

94 percent B2B Marketers ways to use linkedin

Linkedin is Great for Business

Linkedin Users from a B2B Perspective

A LinkedIn company page can be developed for your business to boost your brand, story, and message. With this much professional commitment provided by LinkedIn, it is definitely a social network that your company cannot ignore.

use of linkedin company pages

How to Use Linkedin for Sales

Linkedin generates 3x more conversions

Being the world’s fourth most popular social network, with the majority using it for business and career building, it makes total sense to use Linkedin for part of the 7 touchpoints your customers need before they buy from you. Using Linkedin you can generate leads, share helpful content that places you as an expert in your industry, join in and engage in Linkedin Groups, build a personal brand in your industry and generate leads through targeted prospecting.

business owners using linkedin for social networking

Linkedin Tips and Tricks

There were 260 million monthly active users on LinkedIn as of 6th of December 2018. The following are my best 17 actionable tips for boosting your LinkedIn profile.

Tip 1: Customise your LinkedIn profile URL.

Tip 1 Customize your Linkedin Profile

Tip 2: If you are a service-based business, put a ProFinder Badge on your website so that individuals can see the number of recommendations that your company has and can find your services using ProFinder as well.

Tip 2 Profinder and Profinder Badge

Tip 3: Create a LinkedIn Page for your company. A LinkedIn company page can be developed to boost your company’s story, message, and brand.

Tip 2 Profinder and Profinder Badge

Tip 4: Be sure your company page is promoted in as many places as you can. For instance, add links to websites, blog posts, and emails, and encourage as many people as you can to follow you.


Tip 2 Profinder and Profinder Badge

Tip 5: Publish your most engaging and best content on your personal and company pages.

Tip 5 Publish Your Most Engaging Content in Linkedin

Tip 6: Share any inspiration, success stories, and case studies to help you build your LinkedIn profile.

Tip 6 Share your worth sharing stories at Linkedin

Tip 7: For your audience, create a LinkedIn Group and inspire them by providing them with content that helps them develop their skills and talents.

Tip 7 Create Linkedin Group

Tip 8: Join LinkedIn groups that relate to your industry and engage actively with the members.


Tip 8 Join Linkedin Group

Tip 9: Add your Company Page and LinkedIn page share and follow buttons to your website.

Tip 9 Share your Follow Button to your Website

Tip 10: For better results, make sure that all of the text on your profile is SEO friendly so that it is easy to find you in the LinkedIn search function for those key terms that you want to be associated with.

Tip 10 Linkedin Search Function

Tip 11: In your headline use keywords. The first thing that people see when going to your profile is your headline, so make sure that it counts!

Tip 11 Create Striking Headlines at your Linkedin Page

Tip 12: For reviews and endorsements, ask your connections.

Tip 12 Ask for endorsement and reviews from your Connections

Tip 13: Ask for recommendations. Writing a list of all LinkedIn connections that you have worked with directly, and then asking if they will write a proposal is the easiest way. Another good way is to write recommendations first for your colleagues and that will increase the chances that they will return your favor.

Tip 13 Ask for Recommendations

Tip 14: Make sure to write a great summary and don’t forget to edit, edit, edit! You don’t want to have grammatical errors and typos on the LinkedIn platform.

Tip 14 Use Grammarly for Correcting Contents

Tip 15: Personalise your invitations in order to connect with other individuals.

Tip 15 Personalise your Invitation to make a New Connection in Linkedin

Tip 16: Create custom links for online text and then add keywords in when you are customising it.

Tip 16 Create Custom Link in Linkedin Page

Tip 17: Make changes to your profile so that your most important and extensive information is showcased first.

Tip 17 be consistent in updating your profile
10 Tips to Add Punch to your Pinterest Account

10 Tips to Add Punch to your Pinterest Account

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Turning browsers into Buyers

As a business vying for attention in a sea of online content, there’s one huge advantage that you want to pursue: purchasing intent. It goes without saying that it’s much easier to drive home a sale if the customer is interested in your product and open to making a purchase. If there’s purchasing intent, half the battle is already won.

turn pinterest browsers into buyers

Pinterest Helps Shape Which Products People Buy

This is where Pinterest is highly underrated as a marketing tool. According to Pinterest for Business, 55 percent of pinners say they want to use the platform to find or shop for products, compared with just 12 percent on other social media sites. In addition, 93 percent of pinners admit they use the platform to help plan purchases and 87 percent say they have bought a product after seeing it on the site.

pinterest usage statistics

The Pinterest Gold Mine

With the platform so well set up for businesses, it’s well worth capitalising on the opportunities that Pinterest brings. Here are ten tips to help you build your Pinterest brand and translate interest into intent:

1. Show who you are


Like any other social media site, Pinterest is not only an opportunity to sell products – it’s also incredibly useful in constructing and conveying your business’ identity. Show a strong and consistent aesthetic style and create boards that are likely to interest your target audience to personalise your brand. For example, here is my Pinterest page. Notice how the account is optimised to help business owners with their online marketing.

pinterest is great for business lead generation

2. Optimise images


When using Pinterest, it’s important to consider the platform’s unique layout. While wide images might look great on Instagram, on Pinterest they simply don’t stand out. Curate vertical images, ideally with an aspect ratio of 2:3 and with a minimum width of 600 pixels.

pinterest great for business

3. Enrich your content


When Pinterest introduced Rich Pins in 2013, it was nothing short of a commercial blessing. Rich Pins allow businesses to provide additional information and context to a pin, including real-time pricing, product descriptions and website links. As a further bonus, if users have pinned a Rich Pin product and the price drops, they’ll get an automatic alert, making it ideal for driving home sales.


If you haven’t already, take advantage of Rich Pins. While the most relevant form of these for businesses is likely to be product pins, Rich Pins are also available for recipes, app pins and article pins.

pinterest rich pins provide context

4. Keywords, keywords, keywords


By now, it should be pretty clear that keywords are a crucial part of your online marketing strategy, and their necessity for Pinterest is no exception. Use keywords not only in your description for the pin, but also in the filename when you upload an image (for example, you might call your image summer_bohemian_maxi_dress, for example). This simple trick gives you another avenue to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

pinterest keyword marketing

5. Use a Pinterest browser extension


If you’re in the business of engaging your customers through online marketing, you should always be on the lookout for great content to share. As active web users will know, however, sometimes you stumble upon the perfect material when you’re not even looking for it. Pinterest’s browser extensions allow you to pin content while you’re browsing, making it easy for you to pin on a regular basis.

pinterest on smartphone or computer

6. Check what’s trending


Pinterest provides plenty of scope to explore different forms of content, providing fertile ground for new trends to develop. The recent introduction of promoted videos, for example, has helped fuel a trend towards video content. Data suggests this is one worth getting in on for businesses, with 61 percent of Pinterest users claiming they enjoy seeing videos from brands.


For a trend that’s unique to Pinterest, consider pin infographics. Infographics are ideal for Pinterest’s market of curious users that want quick, visually appealing sources of knowledge or inspiration.

pinterest trends graphic

7. Give credit


This one isn’t just out of courtesy – it’s also an avenue to get your business out there and gain new followers. When you pin other people’s content, make sure you tag the original pinner. They’ll notice- and hopefully return the favour by looking into or following your content.

tag pinterest pinner gain followers

8. Understand your audience


Pinterest analytics is a great tool to better understand your audience, providing rich data on the demographics and interests of the people you reach. To access the free service, simply verify your account as a business.


For an even more in-depth understanding of your audience, it’s also worth doing your own research. Visit the profiles of your followers to find out what design styles and kind of language they use, then use this information to perfect your Pinterest pitch

pinterest purchasing intent

9. Get creative


If you’re not a design guru, you might have an inclination to shy away from creating your own images. While this apprehension is understandable, there are numerous programs that make designing images both easy and fun.


Canva is a great example of this. It has a stockpile of backgrounds and images to use, or you can upload your own. Add text and you have your own customised image ready to be pinned.

pinterest social media audience analytics

10. Provide inspiration


While people go to Facebook to catch up with their friends and news, Pinterest has a different focus. Part of what makes the platform so appealing is that it acts as a source of inspiration for its users. It’s great for scenarios where people are stuck for ideas – whether that be what to cook, what to buy as a gift, or where to travel to next.


The good news for businesses is that this is part of what makes it such a great platform for marketing. Users are explicitly looking for material that will capture their imagination and motivate them to try new things. Make your content their next big inspiration and watch the benefits for your business follow!

pinterest video statistic

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