GST Calculator

Australian GST Calculator

How to determine GST Breakdown

This GST calculator helps you quickly determine the GST Components that make up a sale.

It’s simple to use – just enter the values that you know (for example Price (inc GST)) to receive the breakdown of the other values.

GST Calculator

Goods and Services Taxes

GST in Australia came into effect in July 2000. The current GST rate is set at 10%. GST is included in most goods and services you purchase.

GST free items are usually essential supermarket products and came about via concessions and negotiations to poorer people not being to afford the 10% increase in basic living expenses.

The Australian Taxation office (Tax office) set and administer the rules on how you can charge GST in your business.

You can also easily calculate GST by dividing the purchase price by 11. Example: $100/11 = $9.09.

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GST Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST?

GST is a tax collected by the Australian Commonwealth Government at the federal level. GST stands for “General Sales Tax” and is a broad-based tax at a current level of 10% for most goods and services sold or consumed in Australia.

Who is excluded from Paying GST?

If, in the course of running an Australian business, and you are registered for GST, you may be able to claim an input tax credit on the amount of GST you have paid for that goods or services. In this case, you would be excluded from paying the GST component. This information is general in nature, and we do not claim to be accountants or tax professionals. For more information, visit the Australian Taxation Office GST Page.

When does my business need to register for GST?

Any business or enterprise with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more and $150,000 for non-profit organisations, must register for GST. If you are a taxi or operate a ride sharing business like Uber, you must also register for GST, even if you annual turnover is below $75,000. See the Australian Government GST Page for more information.

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