Business Coaching

Business Coaching & Consulting

Input from the right business coach or consultant can help drive your business performance to the next level.

We provide guidance and support to help you build a profitable business through:

  • Accountability
  • Action planning and motivation

Matched with great tactical advice on:

  • Business strategy
  • Sales
  • Marketing and other key business drivers

Business Coaching

A coach works to develop the skills you already have and is there to motivate and guide you to achieve your goals.

He or she is there to help you with brainstorming, action planning and to provide accountability.

Coaching, in this respect, could be considered less prescriptive; a good coach will help and empower you to find your own solutions.

Business Consulting

Consultants, on the other hand, offer insight and support with more specialised tasks.

In the context of building a business, this could include things like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), marketing planning or website design.

They’re there ‘hands-on’ to provide business skills in areas that you need, but you aren’t an expert in.

You might read this and think that both sound useful, so how do you choose?

Well, it all depends on the circumstances. There are times when it is helpful to work alongside a coach, who will help you figure things out, while on other occasions you might need the concrete, practical solutions that a consultant offers.

We agree with this sentiment, which is why we decided to offer both consulting and coaching services.

But if you still need convincing, here are some more reasons why it helps to have both a coach and a consultant to draw upon for your business.

Get your fingers tapping. Send the message. Ask the question. Start the conversation. Do the thing.


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