As technology develops, an increasing number of innovations are emerging that make it easier to do business. Google Drive is one of these innovations. As a Cloud storage system, it offers many unique benefits that other office suites simply can’t provide. Whether you use it to supplement your office suite or completely replace it, here are six reasons why it’s worth using Google Drive for your business.

1. Collaborate better


Perhaps the most obvious advantage that Google Drive has over other platforms – particularly for business owners – is its ability to help you collaborate with staff and clients. Documents created on Google Drive are by default only accessible to those that have the correct login details. However, you can quickly and easily share Google Drive files and folders with others, with the option to allow them permission to edit or to only view the document.


This has a few advantages over sharing files back and forth via email. With the conventional email model, for example, you may send through a draft to a client. Once they’ve given their feedback, they then need to send it back to you again, and you reply a second time with further revisions. At this stage, you have three different versions of the same file being emailed backwards and forwards, which could lead to confusion.


On Google Drive, however, making changes to a document is simplified. Everyone has access to the most recently updated version of the file, with a clear edit history which you can revisit at any time.


In addition to this, Google Drive makes sharing large files far easier. A limitation of Gmail, for example, is that it only allows you to send an attachment with a maximum size of 25mb in one message. As anyone that’s ever tried (and failed) to send a short, high-quality video will realise, that’s not much. Google Drive, on the other hand, allows you to share a link with a contact to any number of files in a folder, without any size limitations. Your contact can then view or download the files.

2. Enjoy greater flexibility


Do you need to work at home, or while travelling? By storing your data in the Cloud on Google Drive, working remotely is simple – all you need to do is log on and get to work. Even if you happen to be caught without Wifi, an offline option is also available in your settings.


And, to make working remotely even easier, Google Drive also has an app for your smartphone or tablet. That means if you want to pack more productivity into your day, you can even read or edit documents while you’re commuting.

3. Save money


For many businesses, perhaps the biggest incentive comes from the fact that Google Drive is incredibly economical. In fact, the first 15gb of storage on Google Drive is completely free. For many small to medium-sized businesses, this amount of storage space will be sufficient, especially as files can be backed up elsewhere. However, if you do need extra space, Google Drive also has some very cost-effective packages. For example, for their cheapest payment option, Google Drive offers 100GB for $1.99 a month. Compared with pricing for desktop office suites, that’s unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

4. Know your data is secure


As data on Google Drive is stored off-site, in many ways it’s more secure than using a desktop or paper-based storage system. This is because it isn’t vulnerable to external threats such as theft or natural disasters. Furthermore, Google Drive is encrypted using SSL, the same security protocol used on Gmail.


To help you feel even more secure, Google Drive also allows you to back up files to the Cloud using ‘Back up and sync’, or, if you are a paying customer, ‘Drive File Stream’. This option provides you with a copy of your files in a Google Drive folder on your hard-drive, making your data both secure and more easily accessible.

5. Find and organise your files with ease


Google’s features provide numerous options for filing, allowing you to create the filing system that works best for you. With Google Drive, you can find your files easily by searching by keyword, owner or file type. Or, to make your filing even more organised, colour code or star important documents, or keep track of collaborations through the ‘Shared with me’ option.

6. Tailor your experience with apps and add-ons


One benefit of using Google Drive over other office platforms is the ability to connect with third-party apps. Edit your Google Drive images with Pixlr Editor, convert files with Cloud convert or improve your written communications with Grammarly. As a further plus, many of these apps are also free.


These are just a few examples, but they indicate that there’s a lot more to Google Drive than many people realise. Properly explored, Google Drive offers a streamlined and incredibly cost-effective platform to help run your business.

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