While television constrains video advertising to a limited 30-second format, the Internet has given video content a completely new scope. This is your opportunity to embrace video marketing for your business and it’s really not as hard as it sounds.


From product demos to ‘behind the scenes’ footage, businesses have more opportunity than ever to truly show consumers who they are and what they do, rather than simply tell them.


Research suggests that consumers are taking notice of this growing channel. When market research company Hubspot asked users what types of content they preferred to see in the future, video was the clear preference.


Their research also suggests that video is particularly favoured by younger generations, indicating that the popularity of this medium is likely to continue to grow.


While it may require a slight shift in approach, there are clear benefits to prioritising video in your content marketing strategy. Here are five examples of video content that are worth considering:

1. Product demo

Anyone that’s tried to read and follow an instruction manual for a new product will know how frustrating this can be. Visually following another person’s actions, on the other hand, often feels far more natural.


In this respect, demos can be a great way to help existing customers who need guidance in using your product, while also drawing in customers who may be curious about how it works before purchasing it.


It’s important to remember that while hard-to-operate appliances or gadgets may be good candidates for product demos, this type of content is far more versatile than it may first appear. A silent product demo video could be used to showcase an item of clothing for example, by demonstrating how it moves when you walk.


With so many customers now doing their shopping online, think of your demo video as a way for users to remotely ‘try out’ your product.

2. About us

What are the values of your company? How did you get started and how has your business evolved? What about your business makes you most proud?


The answers to these types of questions are sometimes difficult to convey in a single webpage of writing, which is where an About Us video can be useful. They allow you to introduce key staff members, convey the right attitude and tone and give your customers an insight into what your make your business tick.


When creating an About Us video, think about the story that you want to tell. If you’ve achieved industry awards, partnered with not-for-profit organisations, or done work in the community, you might like to highlight this.


Ultimately, About Us videos are about building trust, so let people in and show the human side to your business.

3. Competition videos

If you want people to pay attention to the videos you produce, sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of an incentive. Try creating a few easy questions that can be answered by watching your latest marketing video and make answering them a condition to entering a competition.


A great example of this can be found a recent competition carried out by the New Zealand mobile phone company 2degrees. Using the tagline ‘communication is everywhere’, entrants are asked to watch a short video and look out for ten forms of communication in the clip.


The ten forms of communication are easy to spot, but it does mean that viewers have to pay attention to the video in order to enter the competition – thus making the marketing campaign more memorable.


If creating a video-based competition doesn’t appeal, another option is to use video to promote a competition. This works especially well where the prize can be conveyed well visually.


For a travel competition, for example, seduce viewers by producing a short clip showing off the winning location. Keep your viewers’ eyes on the prize – literally.

4. A behind the scenes look

If you feel that your customers don’t always appreciate what goes into what you do, videos are a way you can show them.


Giving people behind the scenes insights into how a product or service was developed is a great way to market a new product in a way that feels authentic and educational.


Interview key staff members to get insightful, expert perspectives and record footage at each stage of the process to show progression in the development of your product.


Importantly, remember that About Us videos showcase your company culture.


Producing a quality behind the scenes video is not only great for engagement with your product; it can also help to attract new talent, as it shows people that your business is a great place to work.

5. Video blog

If you have a blog for your website, it’s worth supplementing with video content. Research suggests that having video content on a webpage increases dwell time by six times and users are more than twice as likely to click through to other pages on your website.


While producing both a blog and a video can seem like a lot of time and effort, it doesn’t need to be. Use the video as the centerpiece of your page, then use your blog as a way of recapping the material covered.


This provides users with options; they can watch the video, read the blog, or do both.


And, importantly, you get the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits of having video on your webpage, without the additional work of having to create entirely new content.

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